Sunday, November 29, 2009

Little Debbie Cupcake Review

     Little Debbie® snacks have been part of our household for a while now. Our favorites include fudge rounds, oatmeal cookies, nutty butters, muffins, and honey buns. The prices are less than Hostess ® and offer a variety of options.

     Last month I won a coupon for a free box of Little Debbie® cupcakes. I used that coupon last week. The box contains eight individually wrapped cupcakes that are smaller than Hostess’s cupcakes but have the same loopy white icing on the top.


     The cake is moist enough to stick to your fingers. The top icing is thin and has a bitter after taste. I am one that likes to lift the icing off and eat it first I can't do that with this icing. The dollop of cream that is inside the cupcake tastes chemically and it isn’t very sweet at all.

     My roommate, Judy says the cake is dry and tastes of chemicals. There is not enough cream in the center. To her the icing is the best part.

     I will continue to buy the snacks listed above but the cupcakes will remain on the store shelf. These were a disappointment in a line of good tasting snacks.

Rating:  weezilpawburning weezilpawburning weezilpawburning


Rating Scale:

weezilpawburning No ferret would touch.

weezilpawburning weezilpawburning Ferret might move it around.

weezilpawburning weezilpawburning weezilpawburning Ferret might nibble at it.

weezilpawburning weezilpawburning weezilpawburningweezilpawburning Ferret might take it to hidey-hole.

weezilpawburning weezilpawburning weezilpawburningweezilpawburning weezilpawburning A ferret's treasure!


     Disclaimer: This review was not rewarded in any way by Little Debbie® snacks or Hostess®. The opinion is mine solely and may differ from other individuals. I was awarded a coupon for a free box of cupcakes from a contest that I entered.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

   Many of us only give thanks on this day. We forget that we should be thankful everyday.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank You Veterans

armed forces ferret
     Today is Veterans Day to many this may have no meaning to them because they have no idea of the impact these men and women have had on our lives. They think that these warriors are things of the past that should be forgotten.

     There are those that will/would the tragedy of Ft. Hood as an example of why we should be out of different places that different factions think we don’t belong.

     I am not one of them. I am proud of those that decided to sign up an even of those that have been drafted to serve their Country. These men and women may never go on to become the President or achieved some other honor but to me they have achieved the highest honor there is in America.

The status of Veteran.

     I am the child of a Veteran. My adopted bro’s wife is a Veteran. My Cousins are Veterans. My roommate is a Veteran. Many of my friends are Veterans. These are a special breed of people. They chose to give up chunks of their lives for something they believed in.


     That single word has been the foundation of the creation of the United States and many Veterans will tell you how many freedoms we have lost and are still losing today. Many say it is because of indifference.

     Today I salute those that chose to serve with pride and give a heartfelt thanks.