Wednesday, June 24, 2009



     There are rules to follow when having ferrets in your home. Most are simple and easy to understand but there are two sets of rules those of human beings and those of ferrets. These are some of the rules at our house.

Human rules:

1. Feeding time is at set times and only specific foods  will be given.

2. Water dishes are full at all times.

3. Because of other pets, playtime will be restricted to one room for the duration of 2 –3 hours.

4. All playtime will have supervision.

5. Ferret proofing is rechecked weekly and all new ways of getting into small spaces fixed.

6. Litter boxes are in the corner of the cage and cleaned regularly.

7. Each ferret gets equal amounts of one on one attention.

8. Expensive toys are purchased for fuzzy butts to play with.

9. Feratone is up high where fur kids cannot get it.

10. Will not freak out with the Dead Ferret Sleep.

Ferret rules:

 begloopan Feeding time is whenever I want it, I will eat what I want, and I want what you’re eating. Yes, I want to have your sandwich and a drink of your coffee. I don’t care that it isn’t good for me. Your eating it so it has to be good. What missing candy?

dancingferret Water dishes are to be over turned and rolled from place to place. Therefore, I can demand more water to play in.

dancingferret Any other pet in the room during playtime is considered a plaything. I will play ride em cowboy with unsuspecting cats. I will make the big brown thing jump and run away.

dancingferret You cannot supervise us all at the same time because we will go in several directions. Splitting your attention means, we can have contact with FLO.

bootan Ferret proofing is a myth. FLO (Ferret Liberation Operators) are always finding new and innovating ways for us to get out of designated rooms, cages, and carriers. FLO meets with us daily.

dancingferret Clean litter boxes are for snorkeling, digging in, sleeping in. If we don’t like where you put them. We will move them. We might use them 80% of the time if you reward us with our favorite treats. Feratone is a great motivator.

begloopan There is no such thing as equal amounts of attention. We will demand more and more until we have gotten enough from you until we see some one else in your lap then we will nip you to get more attention.

bootan Expensive toys are okay. Give us a bag, and empty box, your desktop. These are the best toys. Your desk being the best because of all the things you keep saying, “No you can’t have that.”

 bootan There is no place you can hide the Feratone. We will find it and take it to our hidey-hole to enjoy at our leisure. Locking it up won’t work either, as FLO will help us.

hanginganferret Our favorite game is to see how long it will take you to freak out over us sleeping so soundly that we seem dead.

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