Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to Enlightened Ferret

     A trio of Mustela purtoius furo better known as the domestic ferret owns me. There is no such thing as mastership with ferrets.
     Ferrets will let you think that you are the master until something attracts their interest then all bets are off. Let me introduce my crew and give a brief mention of the others that are a part of our lives.
Lance1 Sir Lancelot is a blaze. Lance as he is better known is deaf. He has the classic signs of Waarenburg Syndrome. He has a white streak down the back of his head. Eyes that are more almond shaped than his brother or sister. Lance knows several signs of American Sign Language and does respond to them. Lance got his name because he used to bite hard when he was little drawing blood. Lance a lot became his name by default. Lance’s favorite pastimes are hiding rolled up socks. Bouncing like a spring with a ferrety smile of joy. Sleeping and getting hugs.

james_of_jessie1 Sir James of Jessie is a silver mitt. James is the true thief of the bunch. My roommate Judy wouldn’t let me call him Jessie James because it conflicted with our bunch of Renaissance named ferrets so I twisted it around making it sound more knightly. If James wants something and he knows it isn't his he will go out of his way to distract your attention before taking the item. At this moment, his item of choice is Trixie the bloodhound’s dog food. He takes one piece at a time to hide away in his hidey-hole. James’s favorite pastimes are stealing pens, erasers, dog food, wallets, cat tails (no not the plant kind), playing ride em cowboy with Richard the long haired orange tabby, digging in the cleaned litter box, and flinging food out of his food dish.

gweny1 Genevieve is a sable. Gweny or Precious (said like golem from the Hobbit when she is being a brat) is defiantly the Matriarch of the bunch. She is also the escape artist. If there is a way out, she will be the one to find it. She also refuses to reside in the same cage as the boys. Not that I can blame her. The boys are a bit messy and she is a little fussbudget when it comes to her space. After I have cleaned her cage and put the things back in she will go through it and move things around until they are where she thinks they should be. Gweny doesn’t care for smokers and is sure to let them know with a good hard chomp to whatever exposed skin there is. Gweny also likes to make Judy scream. Once she has done that she will leave Judy alone until she gets bored. Needless to say, Gweny doesn’t get time out of her cage when Judy is in the room. Gweny’s favorite pastimes are stealing shoes and it doesn’t matter if they are on your feet. Sleeping in desk drawers, finding dolls and hiding them behind the couch. Making Judy scream, and escaping from confinement.
     Those waiting at the Rainbow bridge and probably will get mentioned off and on are:
bummersBandit bum a sable male who passed away in his sleep  in March of 2008. 

ashes1 Ashes a silver mitt who passed shortly afterwards in the same manner.

Blizzard1 Blizzard an albino who passed in may of 2008 from an infection.

mouseBubba Mouse a silver mitt with ADHD who passed in June of 2008 of undiagnosed insulinoma and grief over his buddy Blizzard.
RCA camera pics 131Sir Galahad a chocolate who lost his fight with Adrenal Disease in April of 2009.

     Each passing tore a hole in my heart that can never be replaced I still miss them.
     My crew is the best antidepressant I could have. No matter how bad things seem these lively springs covered in fur are able to make me smile and laugh. I am their hooman and that is all that really counts in the ferret world.
     I hope you will continue to read about these wonderful little critters and the different aspects of their lives and mine. I also hope that with each entry you will take a new piece of knowledge with you about ferrets.


 Waarenburg Syndrome To understand a little bit more about Lance click on the link.

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