Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wild Wednesday

     I have given glimpses of what my fur kids are like throughout my other posts but I haven’t really talked about them. I think part of that is because I can’t take pictures of their actions right at the moment because the camera blew up while I was trying to take a picture of Gweny carrying my tennis shoe by the shoelace to the hidey-hole.

     gweny1 Gweny is about a foot long and very petite but it hasn’t stopped her from taking things bigger than her. My shoe is a size 7 and I take them off in the Computer/Family room. This is the designated playroom for my kids. Gweny grabs the shoe by the lace and straddles it so that it is underneath her body and starts running towards the hidey-hole four feet away.

     She knows that I am going to take the shoe away from her if she gets caught but this time I just watched as she lifted her head and pulled her front feet off the ground leaving them pedaling in the air for a few minutes. Gweny lowers her head a little bit and allows her feet back on the ground. Took her about five minutes to get to the hidey-hole with her prize.

     They have two main hidey-holes. One is behind the couch and the other is under Judy’s desk. The desk has three drawers on the left side that the ferrets can climb up into from underneath. This is Gweny’s queendom. Dragging the shoe by the laces she tries to take it under the desk only the shoe is taller than the opening and it only goes under so far. Tired Gweny takes a break in one of the drawers and leaves the shoe half under the desk.

      James comes along and plays ferret in the shoe. Lance and him both think they can fit their big bodies in my little shoe. After a few minutes, he gets tired of his game and decides it needs to go elsewhere so he grabs it by the laces and drags it under my computer desk.

     About this time, Gweny comes out from under the desk and sees that her shoe is now under my desk and comes over to reclaim it again. Now she tries to pull it under the desk by the side of the shoe without any luck. Again, she leaves it to go do something else.

     Now its Lance’s turn to play ferret in the shoe until he gets tired of the game and he takes it over to the couch and leaves it there. Their hour of fun and escapades are over and I have to round them up and put them back in their cages until later.


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