Monday, August 31, 2009

Nutty Mondays

     I admit it I am a freebieholic and love getting little surprises in the mailbox that I’ve forgotten I have orders. Today was different because instead of receiving a small sample I received a full size package.

     Imagine my surprise when I opened the mailbox to a large purple box with a picture of a cluster of nuts and other things on the front of it.


     This sample came from Nature Valley and was a full size package of Granola Nut Clusters along with a seventy-five cents off coupon. Not many samples come with coupons anymore.

     Nature Valley introduced its first granola bar in 1975 and has continued to offer its consumers a variety of different products. Granola Nut Clusters are just one of those products.

     I received Honey Roasted Peanut. What a nice little snack to have. I hate opening granola bar packages because I only eat one of the bars at a time and the other bar ends up wasted. The small clusters reminded me of little turtle candies. I liked the fact that the bag is resealable so you don't waste any.

     My only problem is these little treats are addicting and while the bag says a serving size is about seven clusters, it is easy to finish a bag in one sitting.

     Well that and the fact my fur kids all wanted a taste. I don’t give them too many things that have grain or sugar in them because of they don’t have the capacity to digest them well but I did give them each a nibble of these clusters and now know these wonderful tasting clusters will be under lock and key well away from three very nosy ferrets.

     You can ask for your own sample directly from Nature Valley. Take some time to explore their site and see who they are partnered with and the events they sponsor and participate in.

     Dial up uses the site has many pictures and will take time to load up.

Note: I have no connection to Nature Valley and this review came about because of a freebie I received in the mail.


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