Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sheppard & Greene Review


     Mygroup My fur babies love treats but like most small children they can be finicky about the treat I offer them. Lance and Gweny love getting boiled chicken gizzards and liver but James just turns his nose up at those. James loves Alpo’s Chicken Carvers but the other two don’t. Treats are used for different reasons, a reward for good behavior, training, or just something special for the moment.

     I just recently found a treat that they all love. It is called Chicken, bacon, and ranch flavored ferret treats from Sheppard & Greene. The pieces are small enough that I don’t have to worry about them choking on them. There are three different shapes that makes Lance happy because he loves different shapes and colors. I think his favorite is the piece that is shaped like a W; I think it is suppose to represent bacon. The other two shapes are of a chicken drumstick and a heart. The colors are red, tan, and a darker brown.

     All three of my kids eat these up right where I put them. I haven’t found any hidden away in the hidey-holes like I have other treats. The zip lock top helps to keep the treats fresh and unlike many other treats that are more air than treats. Sheppard & Greene is full almost to the top and is vacuumed sealed until it is opened the first time.

     Now if I can just convince the cats that this isn’t for them. They beg for these treats more than their own.

     Just a word about the contest. Be sure to read the questions carefully. All the movies had ferrets in them but some of the questions are asking for something specific.

Note: On the HP question I should have written What is the correct name of the coloring of the ferret?


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