Thursday, December 31, 2009


     11:30pm December 31, 2009 I sit here with my glass of champagne waiting for the clock to strike midnight. I think about the year we are leaving and what it meant to me. It was a year of good and bad. I lost my beloved Galahad galahad to Adrenal disease and watched my son graduate from high school. P5030016 I was unemployed for most of 2009 and was able to work on my writing. I received rejection letters and started this blog.

     Many of us have goals for the coming year. Some we have shared and many we haven’t. I know that one of my main goals is to work on this blog and improve my writing along the way. There are other goals but they are for things only in the beginning stages.

     I awoke to more snow today leaving the world a blank page to create something beautiful. I took some pictures of the bloodhound making dogging angelskodak 070 and Lance and James snorkeling in the snow. kodak 077 kodak 090 Gweny couldn't play in the snow because she doesn't have the fur to keep her from getting frostbite. gweny1

     While I am not sure of the direction, I am going to take this blog I do know that I want to keep people informed about my three little fur children and their antics.

     I will be keeping up with the plight of the Black-footed ferret and those that are helping to reintroduce it back into its original habitats. December saw Canada releasing thirty plus Black-footed Ferrets back into the wild. blkfootedferret2

     I look towards the coming year and all the hidden treasures it holds for those willing to take the chance and plunge into it with a child like gusto. I suppose it’s more like the curiosity of a ferret for me. I need to know the hows and whys of things. This can lead me to finding out so much information that I have to step back from it so what is important floats to the top and the rest is washed away.

Happy New Year


May 2010 be the year for us all.


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