Wednesday, March 31, 2010

National Ferret Day

 dancingferret     National Ferret Day is April 2 and falls on Friday. No one is sure who started National Ferret Day and it has been in the National Special Events Registry since 1995.

     Ferret owners spoil their fur children by buying them new toys, clothing, and/or cages. Some ferret owners make this the day to take their ferrets to the vet for yearly check ups and vaccinations. 

     Having a day just for ferrets allows their owners an opportunity to take them out into public and showing their ferrets off.

     Toys are a ferret owner’s greatest pleasure. Finding one that appeals to their ferret is satisfying. Many toys are made for infants and can hold up to a ferret’s no holds style of play.

     Other toys are made for dogs and cats and on occasion, a toy specially made for ferrets is found at a price a pet parent is willing to pay.

     There is a variety of clothing options for the fashionable ferret. These can range from a cool tee shirt to formal wear.

     Collars are in this category and can be anything from the simple band of color to one that has many shiny stones on it. Clothing can range from a couple of dollars to a hundred or more.

     Housing for a ferret depends on the owner and the number of ferrets he/she has. Some cages are a single level and are generally best for one or two ferrets. 

     There are homes called mansions that can be six levels or higher and can house several ferrets. Most of these larger cages are mounted on wheels and are easy to move about.

 dvm3    Seeing the vet for yearly check ups and vaccinations helps to catch diseases before they are life-threatening Having an annual blood chemistry test done also helps to spot changes that could be easily over looked as some conditions have no outward signs.

     I celebrate ferret day with new toys and collars. This year I have a new addition to the ferret clan thanks to my roommate, Judy.

     She brought home this little scrappy guy who thinks he is the boss of his new brothers. Both have put him in his place with well placed nips to his ears and scruff.


     I did have to break it up between him and Lance as he can’t hear him squealing when he bit a little too hard.

     New addition is named ManChester and has several nicknames now. Those are Manny, Chester, Chestnut, and squirm. He is a dark sable and will be three months old on 10 April.




Jacob W. Reppert said...

really cool

George The Duck said...

I just found your blog!
I hope you had a great Ferret Day. And happy Easter too.
I added you to my links on my blogg too. Yay!

Jo said...

We did have a wonderful Ferret Day and thank you for adding us to your blog.

Patent Attorney said...

Ah, why isn't it a national holiday? Love the name 'Squirm' for a ferret!

Jo said...

Thank you for stopping by Patent Attorney and commenting on a really old post.

Those of us in the Ferret community are working to make it a National Holiday but the fact that it is even recognize is a start.

Manny turned 5 this January.