Sunday, April 11, 2010

BlogPaws: From Lunch Onward

     First off the reason this post is so late is because my internet connection timed moments before I hit publish.  So on to my last post of BlogPaws…Or is it?


     From Lunch forward.


     Lunch was nommy look at the size of the cheesecake.


     First off forgive me if I get your names mixed up.  Ashley ate her greens and then went to work on the cheesecake before the meal came.

PICT0116 Surprise shots never come out the way you want. Ashley is in the striped shirt and Nikki.

      Had a blast listening to Natalie from PETCo. Pawsome speaker.

     Janet Tobiassen, DVM donated several really cool beads to the silent auction and I won one.



     Know who this is?


Yep it is Andrea Arden.


     This is where my internet timed out but this isn’t where the adventure ended.

     No pictures from this point forward but I got to go to the after pawty and I am still not sure I didn’t dream it. The owner of came up to me and looks like we will be chatting about some possibilities of working together. *fingers crossed* on that it is going to lead to something more.

     Thank you Blog Paws for putting on this wonderful conference with awesome speakers and being able to networking with all wonderful people who blog and the companies that interact with pet people

     A special Ferret high paw to made) for featuring Enlightened Ferret on their site next week.


A very tired Jo


Jacob W. Reppert said...

awesome blog and int it

Jo said...

Thank you for pointing out the mistake I will fix it now.