Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lance’s Legacy

   relaxinginthepark   It’s strange what will trigger the pangs of grief. I finally got up the nerve to clean the ferret’s playroom. It has been something I’ve been avoiding doing cause I knew I would find all of Lance’s hidey-holes although I haven’t because I couldn’t keep cleaning because in just one corner of the room I found 4 stashes. 

     Now most ferrets will collect a variety of things but not my Lance his passion was socks. It didn’t matter if they were clean or dirty, rolled up, in singles or paired. If it looked like a sock it was his.

     So far I have found a total of 16 socks hidden away and piled neatly in each spot. I thought I would be ready for the pain that has followed but I was wrong. I had to stop cleaning because of the tears that were blinding me from seeing what was in front of me.

      I miss him so much now don’t get me wrong I love my other boys but Lance managed to wrap those tiny little paws snuggly around my heart like no other pet has ever done. I am sure he would be proud of me for donating to our chosen charity in his name but it still doesn’t lessen the pain. tugan



Snotface & Stephanie said...

Some will never understand the bond between us and these precious, thieving creatures. They truly do steal hearts and affections with uncompromising vitality. Sending you lots of luv for your Lance and you <3

A Clockwork Bear said...

oh ;( sorry..