Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Speaking in Public

     I would have never guessed that two small furry little creatures would help me learn how to have conversations with people I just met. I am for the most part a shy individual that is until it comes to my ferrets then I am a chatterbox.

     It didn’t hit home until today that I can give speeches without panicking like I did in speech class. I have been taking my boys on outings for a while now to get them used to traveling in a vehicle and today’s adventure included the local Laundromat. I left them in their carrier while I put my small load of pet laundry into the washing machine and then it was time for them to wander around on their leashes.

     Our Laundromat has a four bay car wash attached to it so of course the boys had to go see what was in each of the bays. Walking by another car we heard a small voice scream. “Looky at those doggies. Doggies come here please.”

      Neither parent wanted us to approach and told the young boy “Those aren’t doggies. We don’t know what they are. They look mean.” Needless to say we made a point to stay away from them while they were finishing their laundry.

     I finished up our own laundry and put it in the car and as I was getting ready to pick up my boys from the sidewalk two men got out and started cooing over my boys.

      Alan and Mark were very interested in James and Manny and asked a lot of questions. Alan was from Texas and Mark from Tennessee and enjoyed James and Manny’s attention for the moment or two they had it.

     Mark finally had to go get his camera because he couldn’t believe how cute ferrets were. Took a Greenie each for them to pose for the camera.

     Alan knew a little about them that made it nice to talk to someone about them. I gave them my business card and hopefully they will stop by our little blog and say Hi.

     I can only hope that I Enlightened Alan and Mark a little more about ferrets and what these cute little fur balls are like.


P.S. We are going to Bark World Expo August 20-22. This time James and Manny will be with me.


Mr. Pip said...

My whole family is a little shy! People always seem to talk to me so I think it helps the rest of the family be a little more outgoing.

Your pal, Pip

Mr. Pip said...

Thanks so much for my package! I love all my goodies! I just tried to email you, but my email bounced back.

Thanks again! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Your pal, Pip