Monday, December 13, 2010

2011=365 Days of Animal Advocacy!

     2010 is quickly coming to a close but what a year it was for pet people. Conferences were started just for pet bloggers, marketers, advocates, and just all around pet people. Out of these came some challenges one of which was Be The Change, An opportunity to make a difference in animal’s lives some how.

     With 2011 galloping towards us an idea has been thought up by Ash of I love Rescue Animals that is more than a one time shot it is embracing each of the 365 days of 2011. That idea is Advocacy 365. The purpose is to give rescues, shelters, animal non-profit, foundations, bloggers, or an idea that needs support and give them a chance for their message to be heard.

     All that is needed is a tee shirt from these places for the founder of I love Rescue Animals to wear each day. You can be a part of these terrific idea by sending a shirt from a project you support by first looking at the idea first hand to see just what the whole idea is by going to I love Rescue Animals 

     From what I have heard so far she has only been able to get enough tee shirts for a month. So I have decided that I am going to  give out a challenge to all those that read this blog or follow my tweets lets really make 2011 the year of the animals.

     I know that she has only requested 365 shirts but what if she was able to receive double that amount? 730 tee shirts representing animals in a good way. Think of it like this you first get to decide what animal function you support and then you donate to that cause which can be tax deductible.

     Most of these have tee shirts to buy through donations then have it sent to Ashley of I love Rescue Animals to wear. So if she is only one person why 730 tee shirts? Cause Ashley isn’t the only one behind I love Rescue Animals so two causes, foundation, blogs, or what ever animal related would be seen in a day. Let’s  help them reach their main goal of 365 tee shirts and see just how much further we can take it.

     Size needed is small adult tee shirt preferably unisex. Either leave your email in the comment section below or at I love Rescue Animals blog and Ashley will get back to you with the shipping information. I’ll be sending a tee shirt for Enlightened Ferret blog and one for the local wildlife rehabilitation Center as soon as I can.

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