Friday, December 10, 2010

The Joys of being a Ferret Parent.

     Being a pet parent isn’t always easy. You are always training your pet so he/she knows that you are the boss. Most often though they just let you think that when the fact is they have us securely wrapped around their paws, talons, hooves.

     Being a ferret parent has some challenges that many would never think possible. From daily ferret proofing so they don’t get into too much trouble because you can never keep a ferret out of trouble. Not that he/she would ever see it as trouble to trying to wrap Christmas gifts.

     Most of you know that we at Enlightened Ferret are Gibbs Santa  and I was finally able to start wrapping some of his gifts. Of course Manny and Marcuz had to come see what I was doing. Unfortunately the camera batteries decided it was time to die and the package of batteries I just bought are all dead, needless to say I’ll be returning those. But there are no pictures of the ferrets helping wrap.

How to wrap gifts with ferrets.

Step 1. Get everything set up. Paper, Tape, boxes, bows

Step 2. Unroll the paper for cutting. Remove ferret from the paper before cutting.

Step 3. Place present on cut paper. Turn away to get tape. Retrieve present from Ferret.

Step 4. Remove ferret from paper replace present wrap present, retrieve tape from ferret.

Step 5. Watch ferret steal bow and take behind couch, quickly wrap present, remove ferret from box.

Step 6. Place present in box, repeat step 2 for next present, place empty cardboard roll on floor after cutting it lengthwise so ferret doesn’t get stuck.

Step 7. Watch ferrets play with cardboard roll for a few minutes.

Step 8. Start to place second, third, forth, unassisted ferret wrapped presents in box only to realize present one is missing.

Step 9. Ask the ferrets where they took the present and watch them go in two direction Chittering excitedly while doing their weasel war dance.

Step 10. Sigh, pick up box with wrapped presents and place up on high self. Watch ferrets wear themselves out.

Step 11. Place sleeping ferrets in their hammock and look for missing present.

Step 12. Find the missing present in the back of the Television out of reach.

Step 13. Go find long BBQ Tongs to retrieve found present.

Step 14. Dust off cobwebs from retrieved present place in box with other presents replace on high self.

Step 15. Make cup/glass of much need hot beverage and relax by watching the ferrets sleep like little angels.

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Have a Chittering good day



Roy Maloon said...

Step 1 wrap your ferret first! Happy Holidays

Jo said...

too cute Roy thanks for stopping by.