Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hooman Datz Mine!!!

     What iz it wif dez hoomanz? Iz get mez hidey-hole set up to near purfection and den she sayz itz cleaning day. Fine clean the room, our cage: Not dat wez iz messy, even give uz bafz in da spring and summer, but our hidey-holez leave alone.

     Do youz not realize just how much work goez into deciding where to have one, what to put in it and how said prize should be placed? Iz have many hidey-holez some youz hazn’t found yet and da one you keep cleaning iz really just da decoy hidey-hole. blog 002blog 010  blog 006blog 012  blog 011 blog 007

     Also der iz no such thing az da doggie’z, cat’z toyz. Ifen Iz or Marcuz can carry dem dez ourz too. Sidez dey weren’t playing wif em when wez found em. Youz should know by nowz dat size don’t matter. Ifen wez want it wez will find a way to move it.  blog 014 blog 015

     Iz mean really why move all da cool stuff when youz knowz it really belongz to Marcuz and mez. Wez only let you borrow da stuff cause wez don’t like seeing youz upset. Youz haz too much stuff anywayz and it iz all ourz. Youz can keep da coffee doe cause wez don’t think it fitz our motif just yet. blog 017

     Also why do youz keep getting rid of da dirt. Wez just have to tell da doggie to bring in more fer uz to playz in.

     Pleaz tell uz what youz think about hooman’z moving yer stuff?

Have a Chittering Good Day.

Manny and Marcuz blog 018

Comment by Jo (the pet hooman)

     From time to time it becomes necessary to let Manny and Marcuz have a say about stuff that is going on in their lives. All spelling and punctuation is the boys and has no reflection on the blog owner’s writing skills.

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