Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Look: New Buddies Movie

As you know the boys and I were able to attend Blog Paws. What a fun event that was made even more wonderful with the first showing of the new Buddies movie from Disney. 


Those with younger kids might know who the Buddies are but for the rest of us the Buddies stem from a movie called Air Bud that featured a golden retriever who was into sports.

He and Molly had five puppies (Rosebud, Mudbud, Budderball, B-Dawg, Buddah) who are always finding adventure. This newest film is no exception.

We are given a glimpse into the past on Halloween night when Warwick tries to summon the Howlloween Hound by using the souls of five blood related beagle puppies but is interrupted by the sheriff and one puppy’s( Pip) boy (Joseph). Only problem is pip’s soul is stuck in limbo and young Joseph is left with a stone statue of his beloved pip.

Fast forward 75 years. Where a Halloween crazy teacher who takes the kids on a school trip to the creepy mansion and tells the story of Warwick and the Howlloween Hound.

The buddies listen to the story and B-Dawg is goaded into stepping paws into the mansion where he meets Pip and mistakes him for the Howlloween Hound.

With the help of the Buddies new friends, Pip, Zelda the Mystic, Hoot the owl, they are able to bring Pip and Joseph back together while getting rid of the Howlloween Hound and Warwick for good.

Butterball’s secret weapon comes in handy to help defeat the Howlloween Hound but it is quick thinking B-Dawg’s idea.

This is a fun film for kids and adults will get a giggle out of the antics that follow the buddies and the kids on Halloween night. The Buddies costumes are adorable.

Spooky Buddies releases on DVD and Blueray September 20th and needs to magically appear in your DVD collection.



Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to view this film for free during the Blog Paws conference. The review is my opinion only.

What other Buddies Movies have you seen and/or own?

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