Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Ferret Gift Guide

Do you have a ferret owner on your gift list and have absolutely no idea what to get them?  This list should help you bring a smile to their face.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates in amounts of $25 allow the ferret owner to spoil their fuzzys.

Stores that you can get GC include

Ferret Depot



The local pet store that carries ferret food and stuff

Wal-Mart: Many toys are gotten here from the infant section.

Supermarkets: Baby food for duck soup can be purchased


Socks are a ferret’s love and the more the better.

Any type will work as long as they are not unraveling.

Sock monkeys are fun too.

Soft Toys


Teddy bears without plastic eyes and noses or other easily removable things

Stuffed mice: Doesn’t matter if they are stuffed with catnip as ferrets aren’t affected by it. Again make sure there are no easily removable items.

Other Toys

Hartz® mini mice

Hartz® Tuff Stuff Nose Diver Duck

Hartz® Feathered ball on a string

Purrfect Play™ wool ball




Cat nail clippers

FURminator® is a wonderful grooming tool.

Baby toothbrush

Feline toothpaste





Bandit treats come in many flavors

Ferretone is a liquid vitamin supplement that many ferrets love.

Greenies® Feline dental treats. These are small enough that ferrets can easily grip them.

Nutro® crunchy treats. My boys love these and while I have to break them into smaller pieces they eat them up as fast as they can.

Other supplies

Sleepy sacks


Litter boxes


Potty Pads.




Ferret Food

Food dishes

Water bottles and/or dishes


Some ferret owners like to dress up their ferrets. Clothing can be varied and depending on the sex of the ferret it can be difficult to find items that are both fashionable and functional.

Some good places to look for unique ferret clothing are Etsy and Ebay by using search terms ferret and clothing will give you several listings.

Hope this guide gives you some ideas for that ferret owner this Holiday Season.


Have a Chittering Good Day,


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