Monday, January 30, 2012

End of Month Review

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be my end of the month post so I went back and read what I had written about for the month. In doing so I realized that some of the information was important and I wanted to be sure it was understood.

From that came the idea of a Month in Review post only instead of my just repeating what I’ve told you I made up a test to do two things.

1. To see if I have been clear in my writing

2. To see who does read my blog.

A. Rodent
B. Canine
C. Mustelidea
A. Badger otter, mink, and weasel
B. Mice, rats, voles, and moles
C. Cats, cougar, lions
A. Wiring buildings
B. Pest Control
C. Both A & B
A. 1000 years
B. Over 3000 years
C. Never we scoop them up out of the wild
A. Cat food
B. Dog food
C. Raw or Made for Ferret food
D. High quality kitten food
E. C & D
A. Low fat content
B. They shouldn't have any fat
C. High Fat content
A. Child Proofing
B. Pet Proofing
C. You don't have to ferret proof
D. Ferret proofing is an ongoing thing
E. A & B
F. A, B, & D

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