Monday, January 9, 2012

Ferret Housing

There are two ways of keeping a ferret in your home. Free Roam or Caged. Both ways work depending on the depth of ferret proofing you want to do and if there are, other factors involved.

While I would love to let my boys be free roamers it isn’t practical because where we live is an old house with lots of little nooks and crannies that could allow a curious ferret out into the big wide world without being seen.

I live with Judy my roommate and her bloodhound Trixie. Trixie and the boys play well together with close supervision and my boys are kept on their leashes to prevent Trixie from going from playing to hunter in the blink of an eye.

For this reason, they only get to play together for about 10 minutes before Trixie is taken out of the room to roam the rest of the house and the boys can be let off their leash to have full access to the playroom that gets ferret proofed every month.

So my boys are caged when they are not out for their scheduled playtime, which they get twice a day for about an hour or two depending on my own schedule.

Ferret cages can range from the very basic single level Photobucket to the very elaborate Ferret Mansions.

My boy’s home is a large dog crate with their bed hanging in one corner and the litter box in the other. Photobucket I have also opted for the inside water bowl that attaches to the bars to keep Trixie from eating the water bottles. PhotobucketTheir food goes into a ceramic crock that is heavy enough to keep it from easily being dumped but doesn’t have a lip to prevent Manny from digging out that one perfect piece.

Because Marcuz likes to use either corner of the litter box side: I have newspaper put down for easy clean up.

While some people believe ferrets to be dirty little creatures they actually are quiet adamant about where they eat, sleep, and poop.

If the litter box has more poop than they think it should they will not use it. The boy’s litter box is scooped daily and completely changed weekly unless they have been sick and it needs changed sooner.

Their cage is cleaned and spruced up weekly as well but for those who know human bachelors the same goes for male ferrets.

Just minus the pizza boxes and empty beer bottles. Not that I wouldn’t put it passed a ferret to have either in his/her hidey-hole.

What kind of home does your pet have?

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1 comment:

Leema said...

I love the range of ferret cages out there. I often longingly look through the cages at pet stores, as I used to have a rat and love them. Sadly, I can't imagine rats and my terriers getting along, and I don't want to run the risk of unfortunate ratty demises.
(That being said, I have seen some awesome videos of ferrets and terriers working together... I don't know how the dogs don't bite 'em!)