Thursday, January 19, 2012

Medical Care

Not all veterinarians take care of ferrets. Having a vet that knows about ferrets is a plus when you have to take your fuzzy butt to get his/her vaccines or they are sick or injured.

Vets that take care of ferrets are often referred to as an exotic vet.
This does not mean that the ferret is a wild animal. There are two categories of exotics. Wild exotic and domestic exotic, all the word exotic refers to is the fact you have decided to have an unusual pet.

Be pro active in the care of your ferret. Don’t know what something means then ask. Most are willing to tell you what they meant and how it will affect your ferret.

I have had both good and bad vet experiences. The bad vet had only her opinion and would not except any other possible outcomes, my new and great vet not only tells me what he thinks is going on with my fur babies but will discuss different options with me.

I am constantly asking questions and doing my own independent research about ferrets, something more ferret owners need to do.

Ferrets need to have a rabies vaccine and canine distemper and should also have a heartworm preventative as all of these can prove to be fatal for your ferret.

Ferrets are prone to certain issues such as:

Mast cell tumors
Juvenile carcinoma

These four top the list of medical issues. There is also the flu, bruises, broken bones, teeth, hearing, and eye problems.

Ferrets can get/give the flu from/to you and while you can treat the flu at home you need to be aware of any changes that don’t seem to be part of having the flu.

This is just a brief overview of some of the medical care a ferret could need in his/her short lifespan. By being proactive in your ferret’s healthcare you know you are doing the very best for them. Medical care can range from a hundred dollars: Basic office visit, to the thousands: surgery or nercropsy

While there are a couple of pet insurances that do cover ferrets be sure to read the fine print as they don’t often cover certain surgeries or types of care.

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