Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Real Outing


Hope everyone had a good Easter. 

  HPIM3625Marcuz wasn’t too happy with me on this photo.

Friday Manny, Marcuz, and I were able to go out and do some stuff. Roomy had rented a vehicle and allowed us to use it before it had to be returned.

Our first stop was to the local Agway where Marcuz came from. They had a couple of baby ferrets there and the boys wanted to play but they were sleeping for the longest time.

A little girl about 7 was trying to get her mom to get her one of the babies. You could tell mom was getting worn down.

I asked the little girl what other pets she had. She told me proudly that she had fish. I told her fish were easy compared to ferrets. Cause she would have to train the ferret not to bite. Play with it everyday and the worst thing was cleaning its litter pan.

The little girl wrinkled her nose at that and asked to go see the fish. Mom smiled a very relieved smile.

Marcuz go a new collar as he has hidden his other one where I can’t find it. Also go both of them a new squeaky toy.

Off to the park for some fun. Manny let Marcuz drag him around literally. Manny didn’t want to walk anywhere at least it was on the grass.

 HPIM3604 Whatz that wez see?HPIM3605 Itz a Robin. Can wez get it?HPIM3608 Wez taking a break wif Lamb Chop®

 HPIM3612Time toz goz home.

In all we were out for two hours. By the time we go home both boys were fast asleep and really didn’t wake up when I put them in their cage.

Can’t wait for our next adventure.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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