Sunday, June 3, 2012

It Is Still Sinking In.


I can’t believe that the Ferret Chariot is a reality. It is all in part to some wonderful people who thought the need was great enough to give a helping hand by donating, spreading the word, and being encouraging. Now when I am asked “How can social media help me?” I can show them.

If it wasn’t for social media mainly twitter the Ferret Chariot would still be a dream. I am still pinching myself to make sure that it isn’t a dream. Enlightened Ferret would like to thank the following people for their support.

@PumpkinPuddy, @Danapixie ,@PepiSmartDog ,@HartzPetz @PetBlogsUnited, @Flicka47, @anipalacademyawards, @Pasikas, @Jazzydacat ,@DaneRay, @DFSmith @PuppyaGuineaPig ,Xena and Wiggly Schnauzer, and @BigBoyBosco

I am still working on adding everyone’s name to the van and the main graphic so until that is complete there won’t be any pictures of the Ferret Chariot and maybe not until Blog Paws when certain individuals get to see it.

We realize that many wanted to help out but couldn’t do so until later so we have decided that we will have a chip in for the maintenance of the Ferret Chariot. Those that donate to this chip in will be placed on a section of the van labeled FC Mechanics. There will be levels denoting Head Mechanic, Mechanic, Part supplier, Grease Monkey. These are still in the works and when finalized will be posted here, twitter, and on the boys facebook page.

Dreams are the foundation on our world but it takes the courage, strength, and support to make said dreams a reality.

Thank you all for helping us make our dream a reality.

Have a Chittering Good Day


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