Sunday, June 10, 2012

Traveling with Ferrets Continued


I have found that not all Pet Friendly hotels will except ferrets. I think mainly because they have no clue as to exactly what ferrets are.

When traveling with the boys I make a point of researching the hotels that I would be staying at. Then I email, tweet, or call the hotel to ask if they accept ferrets.

The few I have stayed at have required a deposit this can range from per ferret to 50 dollars. Thankfully the hotels where Blog Paws is held don’t require a deposit.

Once at the hotel the boys are kept in their carrier until I have ferret proofed the bathroom. HPIM2916

This entails putting the lid down, taking the toilet paper off the holder and put up on the sink. Trash can put up on the back of the toilet. Any cords that are hanging down get put so they are away from curious paws. Shower doors are shut and finally I make sure that there is no easy way up onto the sink.

I then set up a litter pan and put some food and water out for the boys before letting them out of their carrier. I let them play in the bathroom while I ferret proof the rest of the room.

This includes checking how the closet doors shut and how much space is under them. HPIM2915

Trash cans are picked up and placed high. Dresser is looked under and behind for any “surprises” left behind from other guests. HPIM2911

TV cord is checked to make sure it fits tightly in the plug and if I can I pull it up so that it isn’t a temptation. If not then it gets sprayed with bitter apple.HPIM2918


Under the bed gets checked to make sure there isn’t any fuzzy looking items or Lego men left behind by house keeping. HPIM2912


Learning from last Blog Paws I will be placing Puppy pads in corners for my boys to use.


To be continue

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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HomeGardenExpress said...

Did not know that so many precautions had to be taken as a ferret owner. I personally don't know anything about them as pets. Are there home items that you'd recommend that would help for other owners that I could feature or write about on my site? I just featured some outdoor trash cans with those heavy lids to protect from racoons. Not that I'm comparing them to "your boys" in any way. ;) Great informative post. This is good info for curious dogs like my beagle as well.