Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heat Kills


It is summer in the United States and the temperatures are soaring to high numbers. I have talked about this before but it bears repeating. Ferrets do not do well in temps over 68 degrees.

That means traveling is curtailed until the temps are lower or find ways to make it uneventful. But it also means making the home comfortable as well.

I live in Pennsylvania and the house I live in does not have air condition. While I do use fans to cool off the boy’s area it isn’t always enough. I get asked about the two thermometers in their room. One is by their cage and the other is on the wall near the window.

This way I know what the temperature is near the outside wall and by their cage. This allows me to implement my summer plan as needed.

The first thing I do starting in May unless it has been warmer in April is to start making frozen water bottles. I usually have 5 to 8 bottles made by June. These are covered in clean socks that have lost their mate. These are made from 2 liter soda bottles, gallon water/milk jugs, and 12-16 oz bottles that have held soda/tea/water.

Keeping an eye on the thermometers I know when to place these premade ice blocks in strategic places such as in front of the fan and in an area where the boys can climb over them while playing. When the temp in front of their cage reaches 65 degrees I place a worn towel in the cage with one of the gallon jugs. This gives the boys a place to sleep/cool off and the towel absorbs the condensation.

While we are traveling it is a bit harder to make sure the boys don’t get overheated. It got warm in Utah while we were at Blog Paws and stayed warm all the way home. But I had made a purchase of crate fan and extra batteries.

Also the Ferret Chariot has air conditioning. The boy’s crate was placed on the back seat in the center so that the crate received a good amount of the cool air from the air conditioner and the crate fan was on high for most of the trip.

In both cases the boys get frequent rub downs with soaked washcloths to help them maintain their temperature.

There is a wonderful product on the market now but it is only made for dogs called the Chill Spot. We are hopeful that they will be able to downsize their product for cats and ferrets as all pets need a place to chill out.

Remember Heat Kills within moments. Never take your pet for a ride and then leave them locked in the car while doing errands. Even with the windows cracked your car is an oven baking your pet from the inside out. What a cruel death. Show your love by leaving them home where they can stay cool and alive.

Disclaimer:  I received no compensation for mentioning Chill Spot in my post. It is my opinion that this is a cool invention and hope to see them succeed in the pet market.

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