Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: The Cat’s (Ferret’s) Trapeze


The boys and I toured the Catification lounge that was sponsored by Jackson Galaxy at Blog Paws. The boys tried out quite a few things there.

Marcuz loved the cardboard boxes.HPIM3864

Manny decided to chill out in one of the cat bed offered through Modern Cat.


While Manny took a nap Marcuz checked out another cat item.

HPIM3868 but he wasn’t impressed with the cushion so he pushed it out and curled up to take a snooze.

There was a lot more stuff in that lounge but the boys were ready to move on to other adventures at Blog Paws. I filled out a form for a chance to win one of the many items and I won The Cat’s Trapeze.

What a great item. The boys love the little hammock that hangs on the bottom to take naps in. HPIM4006The first level should have some pillows or something in the zippered area I leave it open so the boys can hide in the pouch.

At the moment I haven’t let Marcuz see that there is another level to the trapeze as he would be climbing it all the time but once I get their room finished and have an area fixed that has a large pillow under it then he can climb it all he wants.


Disclaimer: I won the Cat’s Trapeze and the review is my opinion of the item. There is no compensation for doing this review. All links are done because I believe that those who offered such a fun place for my boys to play deserved to be recognized.

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