Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ferret Giving Tree 2012

This year Enlightened Ferret is going to play Santa to Baby Snooks


from Woogie Wescue.

This little girl has had it rough and is very lucky to be alive after being found in a meth house and had been living on meth instead of ferret food.

Our hearts go out to her and hope that she can have a decent life now as she keeps detoxing from those horrid chemicals.

The Ferret Giving Tree has over 200 ferrets in need of a Santa and the shelters that are featured care for over 2000 ferrets.

Won’t you think about helping Enlightened Ferret play Santa to Baby Snooks and the other ferrets at Woogie Wescue or by becoming a Santa to one of the other ferrets on the Ferret Giving Tree.

If you wish to send a gift to Baby Snooks or the other ferrets at Woogie Wescue send it to

Woogie Wescue

7271 Airline Hwy #117

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

70805 USA

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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