Monday, February 18, 2013


Getting sponsorship can be downright hard and very time consuming. I know this from experience but sometimes you can forget that even one small gesture can be sponsorship.

I’ve been able to attend the last two Blog Paws because someone paid for my registration and I was able to room with a fantastic person.

While Salt Lake Blog Paws was a great event, I ended up with a bad migraine that left me off balance and very much off my game. I forgot to thank my friends for their generosity and it wasn’t until I was called on the carpet when I got my first hotel room sponsorship from a different source. Something I plan to fix when I see my two friends this time in Washington D.C. in May.

I’ve heard that many people want to go to Blog Paws this year but don’t know how to swing the funds.

My advice is to decide what companies you would like to work with and how you benefit them.

What do you like about the company that you are willing to promote that will show them in a good light to others?

The biggest thing to remember is not what is in it for you but what does sponsoring you get them.

Have you worked with them before? If so, bring that up and tell them you would like to be their representative at Blog Paws or the event you want to go to.

Not all companies can afford to give you a full ride so break down what each part of the conference cost. Registration, Travel expense, Hotel are the big three and if one company can only pay for one part then see if another can pick up another part and see if you can help them out some with your own funds.

Check out the Blog Paws Community for rides and roomies.

If you are lucky enough to be sponsored make it a point to thank them in every post that deals with Blog Paws or whatever event they are sending you to.

Learn how to link to parts of their site to allow others to see why you like the company. Show the company what social media can do for them if they don’t have their own blog, Facebook, or twitter account you might become their correspondent on these platforms.

Expect to hear the word No a lot.

I have several emails that say that in both polite and hostile ways. If you get one that says not at this time return to that company later remind them who you are and what you bring to the table. Maybe all you will get is an offer to work with you only on your blog or do a guest post on the company’s blog it is a start but it will get you noticed.

If you do get a nasty no take a deep breath and walk away from your email and let the emotions out in some other form than writing back in anger.

The person on the other end may have gotten some rotten news and is taking it out on the first email they get. We don’t know what is going on in that person’s life at that moment it is just best to put that email away in a folder or the trash can and move on to the next company you want to work with.

Think outside the box while a tired and overused saying still has merit in the world of sponsorship.

What ideas have you used to get to an event?

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