Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

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Final Update on Amazing Grace’s Story.


I brought you the heart-wrenching story of Grace back in March when she was rescued from the hallway of an apartment building.

This amazing little girl survived for twenty-one days before she earned her wings to fly free from pain. In those twenty-one days, Amazing Grace touched the hearts of people all over the world of all ages.

I must clarify that the rescue that I named as the one helping Amazing Grace the Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach (WMAFO) only took in Grace it was the caring Claudia of Oxford Ferret Rescue that took care of Grace 24/7.

It was hoped that justice would be served but it now looks like that will not happen. The Animal Investigator went to the apartment building where Grace was supposedly found and talked to the manager there and to the apartment occupants who have never had an animal verified by the management and the officer.

Further investigation revealed that the name and address given by the person turning Grace over to the WMAFO were false.

This information now makes everyone involved believe it was Grace’s true owner that brought her in and unfortunately that means the leads are cold and Grace’s murder will not be brought to justice.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amazing Grace




I first told you about a tiny ferret named Grace March 24th and have been updating you with her progress. It was with high hopes that she would have made it past the abuse she had suffered.

This amazing girl wrapped her paws around the hearts of ferret lovers around the world and held on for dear life. Grace improved each day by gaining a little weight, started eating on her own and acting like a ferret.

Unfortunately, the abuse she suffered from her previous owner was just too much for that little body to overcome. Grace had an eye issue that just was not responding to treatment and then she ended up with something called megasophagus meaning that her throat started to swell and she couldn’t eat on her own anymore.

After twenty-one days of fighting Grace has lost her fight earning her wings and is free from anymore suffering. It is us left behind that continue to suffer as she has left a tiny paw print on our hearts and lingering need on our souls.

I am angry that someone thought to starve this beautiful little girl and then left her to die alone and at this time I don’t know if that person has even been identified. I can only hope that there is a special hell waiting for them in the afterlife.

Even if they are caught, they may only face a few years in jail and a fine for Grace’s murder. I suppose I should be glad that there is jail time for the level of cruelty Grace suffered here in the US in many other countries there are no such laws.

Dook In Peace little one.

Jo and the 3Ms

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Fashionistaz


tank top dress Molly Molly in a tank top dresspurple ferret dress Molly Molly in her purple dress


Hans and Grapes


Mel as a shark


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P.S. these are from ferents that wanted something special for their fur babies.

Update on Grace


Photo from Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach.

Grace is off the I.V. support and is eating on her own. Her blood work is slowly improving every day but she still has a long ways to go.

She is starting to act like a ferret by exploring her surroundings and finding comfortable spots to take naps. Her favorite place seems to be on Claudia.

Don’t know the story of Grace? Check it out here

Ferrets normally sleep between 14 to 18 hours a day but I am sure that Grace is sleeping a lot longer than that as she regains her stamina and strength.

If you look you can see where she is starting to get new hair and her ribs aren’t sticking out so far any more.

Enlightened Ferret is proud to help Grace by donating a portion of our sales from Ferret Fabulous Finds Auction House 


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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy National Ferret Day.


April 2nd was dedicated to helping others recognize the growing ferret community by educating others in the welfare of ferrets. With that said we are proud to update you on the progress of an amazing little ferret girl named Grace.

If you haven’t read Grace’s story you can do so here, but be forewarned that the picture is disturbing.

Not only has Grace survived she is improving each day. She is now eating a little on her own and her blood work is showing improvement but the biggest improvement is her weight gain. While she is still very underweight, she is regaining her strength along with the weight gain. amazinggrace

Photo from Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach Facebook page.

This little girl has earned a huge following of people who have reached out to help her get well. Enlightened Ferret is proud to be a part of that by creating a special Ferret WarmUp Jacket named for her.

Amazing Grace

For each one sold 50% of the sale will go to Amazing Grace.

If you would like to help Grace, you can do so by donating to the Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach 

and put for Grace in the note.

This little girl may not have known love in her past but now that is all she knows.

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