Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Final Update on Amazing Grace’s Story.


I brought you the heart-wrenching story of Grace back in March when she was rescued from the hallway of an apartment building.

This amazing little girl survived for twenty-one days before she earned her wings to fly free from pain. In those twenty-one days, Amazing Grace touched the hearts of people all over the world of all ages.

I must clarify that the rescue that I named as the one helping Amazing Grace the Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach (WMAFO) only took in Grace it was the caring Claudia of Oxford Ferret Rescue that took care of Grace 24/7.

It was hoped that justice would be served but it now looks like that will not happen. The Animal Investigator went to the apartment building where Grace was supposedly found and talked to the manager there and to the apartment occupants who have never had an animal verified by the management and the officer.

Further investigation revealed that the name and address given by the person turning Grace over to the WMAFO were false.

This information now makes everyone involved believe it was Grace’s true owner that brought her in and unfortunately that means the leads are cold and Grace’s murder will not be brought to justice.

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Lily said...

We're so sad that Grace has her Angel Wings but knowing she was loved & well taken care of for the last days of her life means so much. She's free from pain now-playful & happy again. God Speed Gracie. Thanks to all who cared for her-you are Angels too! ((HUGS))