Monday, May 20, 2013

Blog Paws Moments

Holy Ferret! Blog Paws flew by in an instant. Didn’t we just get to Tyson’s Corner?

Now we are unpacking the bags of swags, sorting the ferret’s luggage from mine. My throat feels like someone shoved a tennis ball halfway down it and my voice is squeaky. This makes Manny come looking for the toy.

My favorite moment?

Getting my ferret shaped jump drive from Marshall Pet. I don’t think there are any photos or videos floating around of me bouncing up and down like an excited little kid getting something they really wanted at least I hope there isn’t.

I know I squealed with delight. I’ve wanted it since it came out. It is still sitting exactly where I put it when I received it. In the nametag pouch.IMG_0231

What was your favorite moment?

Best surprise moment.

When roomie’s puppy mill rescue dog Ariel barked for the first time. The look on that sweet face was adorable as she looked so surprised at the sound that came out of her. Then just to make sure she did it right she woofed a couple more times.


What was your surprise moment?

The Aha moment.

I’ve tried for years to understand how to put a book proposal together and have always fell short of completing one. Thanks to Darlene Arden’s session, I have a good grasp on the concept and an understanding that I didn’t have before along with a few good laughs as she has the best sense of humor.IMG_0096

What/When was your aha moment?

I know you from somewhere moment.

I heard the story of how a pet owner reconnected with his pet sitter almost 10 years later. How incredible was that?

As for me, it was the hotel clerk I used to deliver to every night when I worked for a pizza place and he ran the front desk.

Did you have one of those moments?

My sponsors, marshalllogo , set up a great play area for my kids to play in although I think they slept most of the time but it gave people the chance to see what a ferret looked like and if they happened to be awake and playing how cute they could be. IMG_0107

Next year Blog Paws will be in Vegas and I already have my ticket thanks to Lisa Taron The Pet Blog Lady.petbloglady

Have a Chittering Good Day,



Carma Poodale Allen said...

Loved seeing you and the ferrets! You have some pawtastic sponsors. Hope to see you in 2014!

Jo said...

Hope to see you in 2014 too. Already have the Conference ticket now to get all of the other stuff arranged.

Brian said...

Yes, Airel barking was such a joy!!! It was nice to see you an the little ones!

Jo said...

Hi Brian it was nice to meet Flat you and your daddy.

Have a chittering good day,

Emmy Scammahorn said...

Amy Jo, you are a great ambassadress for ferrets. You give their small, wiggling selves a strong voice. I went from the conference to the Natural History Museum with @PepperPom to a 6-night pet sit with 3 Samoyeds, so I'm still adding photos to my BlogPaws Pinterest board. One highlight was looking around Saturday night at my table and seeing everyone intently Tweeting about my lost / "borrowed" stuffed Dalmatian dog. (He was found.)I had a community that cared about me. ME! It brings tears to my eyes. Bless you and your little guys. Hope they're catching up on their sleep. Emmy

Jo said...

Thanks Emmy I am grateful that you asked Allen to come take pictures as I would have never thought to even ask his opinion about things.

I think the Blog Paws community is one of the best things to happen to the pet world.

I think my kids slept more than I did at Blog Paws but are still sleeping off and on.

Have a Chittering Good Day,

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

We sooo enjoyed seeing you again and sniffin the ferrets (we apologize for hissing though). We loved the pretty frock one of the ferrets wore Saturday night and have a photo of it somewhere and will send it to you soon as Teri catches up (the only thing she's unpacked so far is the ice chest, hahameow). We loved the little ferret playground, too...great idea! See you in Las Vegas!

judyqnariel said...

Thanks for the message, and for checking out our new blog.