Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Paws T- Minus 12 Days


Where has the time gone? Soon the fur kids and I will be joining other like-minded bloggers and pet related people in Tyson Corners, VA to expand our network and reconnect with friends.

This year is even more special for Enlightened Ferret because in addition to our long time supporter Lisa Taron the Pet Blog Lady.

Manny has known Lisa the longest and can’t wait to give her more ferrety kisses and introduce her to his sister Marylin.

Marshall, no not the clothing store, is also sponsoring us. Manny and Marylin are both Marshall ferrets and will be enjoying their sponsored small animal play area along with their brother Marcuz off and on throughout Blog Paws.

I am excited that there will be a brand there that geared to the ferret parent (ferrent).

Who knows maybe the 3M’s will give a weasel war dance demonstration for those that would like to learn those crazy moves. No guarantee though as ferrets have their own ideas of things.

We are grateful to our sponsors both old and new and can’t wait to see them both in just a few days.

Have a Chittering Good Day,



Michelle said...

How nice of Marshall! Excited to stop by their booth and say hello, as well as see you!

Emmy said...

I told a friend that ferrets gave kisses and she was shocked. Can't wait for my kisses!

Carma Poodale Allen said...

That is pawtastic! I can't wait to see you all in pawson.

Where Pets Are Found said...

Congratulations on your sponsorship & have a great trip!
@WallasEKatt & @Isagold from @PetsAreFound