Monday, July 1, 2013

Update on Infant that Lost 7 Fingers


In January of 2011 I told you about the story of an infant that supposedly lost seven of his fingers to a ferret that was killed by the child’s father by being thrown across the room.


I updated the story in June of 2011. But that wasn’t the end of the twisted tale. In June of 2013 the mother was being charged with child endangerment and not even a felony but a misdemeanor as long as she completes an inpatient drug treatment.

The ferret is still being blamed for the child losing his fingers but the necropsy (autopsy of animals)  of the ferret showed no human flesh, bone, or nails in its stomach or GI track. The ferret was killed by the boy’s father by throwing it against the wall.

Where are the animal cruelty charges against him? What about the child endangerment charges? At first both claimed they were home asleep at the time of the supposed attack but later their cell phones showed that neither one was at home.

It is stories like these that media puts out with missing information that give ferrets a bad name.

Do I feel bad for the child? Of course I do, he has to go through life with two thumbs and a stub of one finger.

Do I believe the story that a ferret did the deed? No because there is no proof that, the ferret did it. Just what the parents said happened.

Do I think the mother is getting off lightly? Yes, I do and I don’t think it should have been reduced.

Do you think that the adoptive parents of the infant should have any say in the punishment the child’s birth parent?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been watching this story & wondered whether you had sources for this part about the necropsy not showing any evidence that the ferret had actually eaten the fingers? I haven't seen anything on google- the news sites are all still saying the ferret did it. When I first heard about this I knew something wasn't right, and of course we found out that the parents were lying. I still have a lot of trouble believing the ferret really is responsible, but I'd like to be able to point to sources other than blogs and forum discussions. Thanks!