Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: Pop Up Ball Pit and Thru A Way Tubes

As many of you know, Marshall Pet along with the PetBook Lady sponsored me last year to attend Blog Paws. After the event, I was given many of the items that were in the small animal play area, as it couldn’t be reused. Much to the delight of my three fur babies as by far their favorite items were the pop up ball pit and the ferret thru a way tubes.


The look of pure happiness on their tiny faces makes me smile as they race through the tube I worked into one of the holes in the pop up ball pit. Although Marylin thinks the tube is hers completely and defends it against her brothers until they just jump over the top of the pit and do a rear sneak attack.

 IMG_0599 IMG_0542 IMG_0544 IMG_0549  

I often find them sleeping in the pop up ball pit along with their own additions to the pit. Which have included, jiggle balls, mice, blanket, rattles, and pillows. IMG_0716IMG_0495IMG_0598

Made from sturdy materials the pop up ball pit holds up well to ferrets jumping over the top and racing through the holes. The Velcro® strap on one side makes it easy to attach it to the side of the play area fence or the side of the crate. My one complaint is that the pit doesn’t hold a lot of balls and the few that it does hold are easily kicked out the holes.

The thru a way tubes are made from a heavy plastic wrapped around plastic wrapped wire and stretches a long ways. With work one end can be worked into one of the holes of the pop up ball pit but you need to inspect it frequently as the end wire tend to poke through the plastic and do have a sharp point to them. This was an easy fix for me as I just used my jewelry pliers to bend into a circle that I then crimped shut and So far no more problems with it poking though the plastic.


Ferret paw rating 5 out of 5 for both the Pop Up Ball Pit and the Ferret Thru a way Tubes.


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