Monday, February 10, 2014

Brushing Ferret Teeth

Manny getting his teeth brushed while I filmed how to do it.



Have a Chittering good Day,




Rachel Sheppard said...

Great info! Happy Dental Month!

Syanidi said...

Thank god I don't have to brush my ferrets teeth.. :D And that's becouse I feed them with quality raw food and bones. It's the bones that keeps ferrets teeth clean and prevents them getting tartar. And that's just ONE reason for feeding ferrets raw food. The other is health, their fur is in so much better, and for example they won't get insulioma or adrenal like kibble fed ferrets do.. Raw fed ferrets very rarely develops either of those two. Actually I don't know any insulinoma or adrenal raw fed ferret (and of course is has to be quality raw food with all the necessary vitamins and minerals etc.)

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