Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: Hide and Seek by Amy Shojai



Hide and Seek is the sequel to Lost and Found. I couldn’t buy this book fast enough when I found out it was for sale. I love how Amy Shojai weaves the story from both September and Shadow’s point of view in a smooth way. Not many writers can do that.

I would have devoured this book in one session if I didn’t have to work. So it took three days but WOW! September and Shadow make a great team and working though their own issues that haunt them makes for a riveting story line.

Hinted at in the first book Lost and Found September’s past has landed squarely in her hometown just a month after September’s live radio broadcast of nearly being killed. Wild animals and pets start acting strangely along with a rise of Alzheimer’s in the town's population or is it something else?

Can September and Shadow learn to trust ever again? What about Macy? Will she ever let Shadow have a good doggy sniff of her? To find out you will have to read Hide and Seek for yourself. I can’t wait for the next book about these characters.


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Jo and the crew

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AmyShojai said...

Thank you so much for this PAW-some review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book...and I'm hard at work on the next one in the series. (Maybe there'll be ferrets in a future story...about time, right?!)

Jo said...

Glad you like the review and having ferrets would be so cool.