Monday, April 7, 2014

Harness Training

Now that I know I will be going to Blog Paws with my kids, it is time to get them use to their harnesses again. Normally I would’t have to do this as we would have been on many outings during the winter but this winter was brutally cold and full of snow.


So my fur kids got to stay inside just being lazy if you can really call it that. Lol. I mean ferrets sleep around eighteen hours a day and the other six hours they play and get into mischief. More about that later.


So my kids haven’t been in their harnesses since October, well Manny was in his to go to the vet in November but that doesn’t count. So on Sunday I got out their harnesses and of course they had to check out the bag they were in and make sure theirs was in it.

Marylin still hasn’t decided what she thinks about them as they aren’t really stylish at all and she tends to be a bit of a Diva at times.

Manny pulled out his blue one that I am going to have to replace soon which I don’t know how he is going to like that since his harness used to belong to his big brother James of Jessie who went OTRB a couple of months after we went to Bark World. Manny will pout if I put the wrong harness on him. Guess it is like Linus®’s blanket for him.

Then there is Marcuz he has to have red or as close to red as possible. Maybe it is to show off his fiery personality.

While there are other styles of harnesses out there I prefer the H style IMG_1563 as I can adjust it to the right size for each of my kids. Marylin should be done growing but that doesn’t mean she won’t put on weight like Manny and Marcuz do during the winter and then lose a few pounds in the spring when they blow their coats.

It only took Manny and Marcuz a few minutes to adjust to wearing their harnesses again but Marylin isn’t liking her’s and when I took it off she tried to hide it. The second time I put it on her she did the “I can’t walk with this on.” poseIMG_1562 and when I took it off she tried eating it. IMG_1565


So while the boys are like okay when are we going somewhere Marylin is still at the training stage for now and I will work with her every day so that she gets use to wearing it again so that she will be safe when she meets her adoring public in May. Well I did say she was something of a Diva.

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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