Friday, May 16, 2014

Blog Paws Adventure Ferret Style

Normally I would write posts while at Blog Paws and/or on my way there. This year things went a little haywire to say the least. So I will start from the beginning and go from there.

The start of the adventure actually starts the night before we are suppose to leave on our road trip across the states. A call comes from the car rental company to say they don’t have any cars for us. I was livid as they had called that morning to confirm our reservation and then to call moments before closing was rude and irresponsible. They wanted us to wait two days to give us a car. Which would have been the start of Blog Paws so that was so not going to happen.

After blowing up on twitter and face book and a call to the corporate office we had a car but would have to go an extra ten miles out of our way to get it at this point I probably would have gone fifty miles just to have a car.

Roomie decided that we should go up a little earlier as we weren’t hundred percent sure where the rental office was but we found it easily and Chris the manager went over well out of his way to make what started out as a really bad experience into something wonderful. First we got upgraded to a nicer car at the same price as what I had reserved the car for and he kept the rental within my budget. Granted it was an extra fifty dollars because of the insurance but I could afford that. He also saw us as soon as they were open instead of making us wait until our appointment time. The car was a Malibu with a lot of bells and whistles.

So I drive back to the house to get the car packed up and ready to go. The chosen hash tag was #TravelingFerrets Finally we are on the road headed to Blog Paws in Las Vegas only to be diverted before we even get out of the state of Pennsylvania due to a major accident on Interstate 80 after getting lost a couple of times on the back roads we finally got back on I-80 in Ohio and an hour behind schedule.

Ohio has a different idea about pet rest areas they are small fenced areas with large smooth stones while not optimal for ferrets it does allow dogs a few minutes off leash and there is water available. Marylin was enjoying getting out of the car for a little bit marylinohio2014 before heading in to Indiana IMG_1904  where I should have realized that this trip was going to be a lot different than I had planned on.


I stopped at one of the travel plazas that are on I-80’s toll road to get something to eat. I chose McDonalds mainly because it was the only thing available besides convince store hot dogs Belch. Ordered a Big Mac and a small fry. The guy who ordered before me took three steps to the left of me and the cashier basically through my receipt at me and got my food quickly. It wasn’t until I got back into the car I realized what the problem was. IMG_1906  Just numbers to me but I know to many that was a bad omen.


After a beautiful sunset in Iowa IMG_1926  and me driving all night found me with a large cup of coffee and a face that said I really needed it.IMG_1928  We crossed the boarder into Nebraska IMG_1931  at one of the rest stops there was this very strange sculpture IMG_1958  still have no idea of what it was as the fur kids didn’t want to go near it. Finally we made it to Colorado IMG_1960 before the first of the storm clouds started to roll in IMG_1988 that brought thunder and lightening with them. The rain came down in sheets so thick you couldn’t see very far ahead but I pushed forward as I really wanted to make Denver before nightfall. The storm passed over and you can see where the edge was IMG_2031 unfortuantly I hit Denver well after nightfall and drove up the Rockies in basically pitch blackness not something I like doing as you can’t see very far ahead of you.

I stopped at a lookout called No Name to take a picture of the sunrise IMG_2047  My photos from Utah are fuzzy and jumpy so you can’t see the snow dusting that was there. Finally I made it to Nevada IMG_2068 and about two hours later we were at the hotel and the start of Blog Paws IMG_2072  and this was just the start of the adventure.

Have a Chittering Good Day,



Carma Poodale Allen said...

I know you were frustrated but luckily you made it. Looking forward to hearing more and hopefully your trip home was much much better.

Jo said...

Carma let's just say this Blog Paws as a difnite adventure all the way around.