Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Shout Out of Thanks and Gratitude to a Great Lady

Over the last few years we have had one spectacular sponsor who made sure we always had a ticket to Blog Paws. She has the most unique sense of humor and just a beautiful smile.

I know we met for sure at the 2011 Blog Paws in Tysons Corners. She was an instant hit with Manny and Marcuz and ever since then we have been blessed by this special Canadian Lady.

She has said that I inspire her which I find unbelievable since it is really her that keeps me on track just by watching her take the world by storm. Evolving from The Pet Book Lady to the The Pet Blog Lady.

Traveling to places that I can only dream about at the moment. Laughing at the antics of her office workers Frank and now Sherman.

This year has been one about growth for me and in part that meant doing things a bit different and one of those things was buying my own ticket to Blog Paws 2015. I can never express how much Lisa’s support has/does mean to all of us at Enlightened Ferret.

HPIM3895  2012

IMG_4559 2013IMG_2147 2014

Thank You for your sponsorship and support and We’ll see you at Blog Paws 2015

Have a Chittering Good Day,


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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh You are so sweet! It was totally my pleasure. Big Pet Blog Lady hugs!