Friday, June 27, 2014

How to Make a Crazy Ferret Lady Smile


As most know I am the crazy ferret lady and I am always on the look out for ferret items. I am also part of this awesome group of artists that each week put up items for auction and give a percentage to that week’s featured shelter.

You can check us out at Ferret Fabulous Finds Auction House. One of the artists does these amazing figurines and I’ve been wanting one for ages but have always been out bid. When the opportunity came up to win one of her adorable figurines I was glad to help support both the care of a ferret and a friend through the fundraiser.

I am excited to say I won one of the two figurines donated and it when it arrived I didn’t make it out of the post office without opening the package. Tootsie knows how to pack for nothing was broken, chipped, or bent.

This is how she described this little one:

Chocolate Fine Point/ Siamese Point Ferret Pinwheel Pick holder. Back by popular Demand, the PINWHEEL FERRET PICK HOLDER, holding a purple pinwheel that actually spins. He comes with an assortment of picks that you can interchange. Two different American flags, a yellow Umbrella, a purple flag, a Happy Holidays pick and a Happy New Year's pick! You can buy more picks and add to the holidays. His little mouth is open also, looks like he is blowing the pinwheel. He is 3 3/4" high

On the auction site her little figurines start at $30 on average and they are all so cute and her poker playing ferrets are so sweet with the box of pizza between them.

Right now he is sitting on my lap table holding the American Flag but I had to take pictures of him holding all the items that came with him.

IMG_2497 IMG_2493IMG_2490 IMG_2491   IMG_2492IMG_2494  IMG_2496 IMG_2495

Pictures will never do this little one any justice as you can’t see all the detail that is in this piece. The eyes pick up the light and give him more expression along with his open mouth so that when he is holding the pinwheel it does look like he is blowing on it and when the fan hit the pinwheel it was so cute that I couldn’t help but giggle.

Tootsie Mead mostly sells these cuties on the Ferret Fabulous Finds Auction House page she does do custom orders.

I haven’t named him yet but I do have a few names in mind





What is your favorite

Have a Chittering Good Day,


Disclosure: I won this item through a raffle and the opinion is solely mine and I have not been compensated in anyway other than the enjoyment I receive from owning this piece

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