Friday, September 19, 2014

Changes, Shiny, Hollywoof, and Wine


After a long needed break and a lot of negotiations. We are back. While I still own the blog the posts are going to be from Manny, Marcuz, and Marylin. While they have their own micro blog on Facebook they have been wanting to do have more say in this one and boy do ferrets have a lot to say at times. *chitters*

One of the conditions was they had to learn how to write hooman English and not ferret speak as many readers might not understand what they were saying. With this post comes another announcement.

The Enlightened Ferret gang will be dancing for joy at the Premiere event of the year. We were invited by Carol Bryant to come and be a part of HollyWoof. “Isn’t that for dogs?” you ask. Mostly but Coco-Mau Aqua the fashionable cat and her hooman Teri Thorsteinson and possiable a hamster.

HollyWoof will benefit Oldies but Goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue. This gala is a red carpet event and all the pets and hooman's will be in their finest outfits. Some fancier than others. I will be walking the carpet in my sparkling, silvery, shoes. IMG_2815  and the boys will be wearing top hats with their outfits. IMG_2820  Marylin’s dress is inspired by her name sake Marilyn Monroe but of course has my own take on it along with her having her own bit of shiny.

Sunday will see us at the Barrel Oak Winery enjoying the day and for us hoomans a bit of the vine. Wonder what they will think of having ferrets there.


Have a Chittering Good Day,


Update: I was just informed that Winnie the hamster won't be there and there will be two Coco Kitties at the function. Will be so easy to remember the kitties names. *chortles* You know how fickle ferrets can be...or maybe you don't. *scampers out*

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