Tuesday, April 28, 2015

30 Days to Blog Paws

Marylin: Wowzerz just one month until wez get to see all of our friends and make some new ones at Blog Paws in Nashville, TN.
Marcuz: Yep and while wez haven’t sold enough Music City Ferrets to really do the contests wez wanted wez have decided to post the Scavenger list for the those that have bought them.
Marylin: Does that mean wez can change the rules a little bit?
Marcuz: Yepz it is our contest. The first change is that unless wez sell more Music City Ferrets there will be no piccy contest. The second change is that all of those that have bought a Music City Ferret and are having them hand delivered can participate in the Scavenger hunt. So while wez wanted to have three shipped ferrets before starting this contest wez do have enough to start the contest. The original rules were:
1. You have to have a mobile hidey hole. Be creative as each ferret has his or her own space to hide stuff in.
2. Do take pictures of the found items but only post a portion of the found item to make others wonder what the item could be. NO DESCRIPTIONS! just the photo *chitters*
3.Your ferret MUST travel with you and may be in the photos
4. Have fun if it isn’t fun then why doz it?
The hooman who has collected all or most of the items will be eligible for the prize.
Each hidey hole will be inspected by Hooman and ourselves to determine the winner at Blog Paws.

Marylin: The Changes are to number 3 Your Ferret MUST travel with you if it has been shipped other wise you just need to follow rule #2 exactly.
So what is a Music City Ferret? This is a Music City Ferret Nashvilleferrets
Each one is numbered and there will only be 30 made. Each ferret cost $20 with a shipping fee of $6 US or $25 International. For those that are hand delivered there will be no shipping cost.
To get your ferret just drop Hooman an email with Nashville Ferret in the subject line toz enlightenedferret@hotmail.com and she willz get back to youz on howz toz order one.
Orders will be taken until May 15 to make sure your ferret arrives in time for the fun. Date is subject to change.
Marcuz: Soz to those that already have a ferret the scavenger hunt will begin. Remember the first thing is a photo of your mobile Hidey hole. It can be no bigger than a large shopping bag but it does not have to be a shopping bag. This just gives youz an idea of the size.
Remember the idea is to think like a ferret.
Scavenger list:

Something Shiny
Something that rattles (no rattlesnakes!) *chitters*
An empty bottle
Something that does not quite fit in the hidey hole (Too long, To wide, ect)
hooman toy
Something Unusual
piece of paper
bag (if using a bag for the hidey hole it does not count)
Something found in a purse/wallet
Something found in a diaper bag
something that has string (just string is acceptable)
single piece of kibble
pencil eraser
key (attached to a king ring bonus)
business card
mouse (computer one allowed but no live mice)
empty snack bag
The photos will need to be posted to our Enlightened Ferret Travels FB page and they can not show the full item just a part of it. So be creative.
Marylin:In other news wez are now on Instragram. You can find us by searching for informed_ferret but give us time toz follow back as wez are still learning how toz use da smartfone.
Have a Chittering Good Day,
Marcuz & Marylin

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