Thursday, June 23, 2016

The New Enlightened Ferret

As I said the blog is going to take a new direction. While I am not completely sure of that direction it will deal with living on the road with pets. One of our great inspirations is Go Pet Friendly. They have some awesome links and go a lot of different places with their dogs. So we are hoping we can be like them in some ways but because of the uniqueness of my pets it will be different.

If you are new to my blog this is the highlights.

Started in June of 2009 as a way to share what I was learning about being owned by ferrets. These are great pets for the right people. I will admit I made a lot of mistakes with my first 9. Yes I said 9. I got Bandit first and then he needed a buddy so then came Creamer. By October of 2008 ferret math hit remember the Lay's potato chip motto? “You can't just eat one” well it seems if you aren't careful you feel you can't just have one ferret and so on.

One of my 9 had a cute stripe down his head like a skunk and was name Lancelot. What I later learned was that he was deaf and I learned that the hard way. Lance was a baby and babies bite until they learn not to. He bite me on the webbing between my finger and thumb and didn't let go when I screamed. He also didn't react to the vacuum cleaner.

By the time he passed Lance knew about 20 different signs. Yes they can be taught signs just like a dog and some cats. I learned about the gene that caused his deafness. I also learned about the common diseases that often shorten a ferret's life. Average lifespan is 7-10 years but they can live longer.

Then in 2010 I joined twitter and found an awesome group of pet people collectively called the anipals as most adopted their pet's persona online. From there a founding team of three individuals decided to organize the first Blog Paws in Columbus, OH and as they say the rest is history.

Enlightened Ferret took on a life of it's own now fast forward to 2015 life took an unexpected turn and I ended up living in my vehicle with my ferrets and my two cats. Needless to say that took some getting used to and figuring out just what my life was about. The blog was the last thing on my mind and I have lost readers but that is okay. I am on a new journey and that includes my fur kids.

The Fur Kids:

Marcuz: Dark eyed white ferret who is now considered a senior at the age of 6 ½ he will be 7 in November. He is my adventurer and loves to explore everything. He has Adrenal disease which is not the same as cushings. He has an enlarged spleen and last year was going bald. At the time of this post he has a full body of hair and I believe that is due to the natural light cycle he gets since we are in our mini mini RV. 

Marylin: Dark eyed white ferret. She is the Diva of the group and the only female. Believe me she rules the roost in her own sweet way. She loves to give kisses and will try to clean your nose for you. Don't let her petite fool you she thinks she is as big and strong as a Great Dane. She also knows she is a cutie and will use that to get you to awe and oooo over her.

Boyd: Domestic Grey Tabby. He is a rescue from being a barn cat. I guess his age to be around 7/8 years of age and is my stringaholic. He is leash trained and we go hiking together. He would love it if I would allow him off lead to go hunt. But is contented with hiking. At night he sleeps under the covers with me when it is cool otherwise he sleeps on the dashboard.

Dood: Domestic Grey Tabby. He is a rescue from my ex that was going to take him to the pound when she moved. He will be 2 in August. When we started this journey he was afraid of basically everything he has come along way while still a bit timid he does try some new things and is also leash trained but is also my lazy boy. When we are on the road he hides under my driver's seat and for his large size that is a feat into itself. He is learning to sit and do some other tricks.

Then there is me, Jo, the Hooman, the staff, the driver, and food giver. I will be hitting the 50 mark in July and have a completely different life than I had ever planned and at first scared the crap out of me has become who I am and I am enjoying the ride now. 

So the blog will incorporate the ferret's facebook blog, posts about ferret care, post about cat care, places where we have been or will be going and the challenges of it all while living in a van.

Jo and the furry crew.

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