Saturday, July 25, 2009

It is All in the Word


     Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows what I am talking about because of the strange words I have used or might use in my posts.

     With that said here is a short glossary with the word's meaning.

Ferrety world words:

Adrenal-The shortened form of Adrenal Gland Disease

Bitter Apple- A nasty tasting deterrent. Used in eliminating bad behavior. Unless its James who loves the taste.

Bottle Brush-Tail hair standing on end giving it the look of a baby bottle brush

Business-A group of ferrets Mygroup

Butt Drag-How a ferret wipes after going to the bathroom

Carpet Shark-Another name for a ferret

Chitter-A noise a ferret makes

Cleaning The Meat-What Gweny does just before biting

Dead Ferret Sleep- A deep sleep that mimics death. Can last for several minutes to an hour depending on how deeply asleep the ferret is. A ferret won't wake up.hanginganferret


De-scented- A ferret that has had it's anal sacs removed.

Dooking-The chortling noise a ferret makes when happy

Drag Racing- Same as butt drag but a lot faster

Ferretone-A skin and coat food supplement. Can be used as a treat.


Ferrety-All things related to ferrets

Fur Kids- Critters with fur treated like children

Fuzzy/Fuzzies- Another name for ferrets

Gib-An altered male ferret thegibboys

Hooman-How ferret owners think their ferrets say human.children7

Hidey Hole-Where a ferret keeps it's treasures.

Hob-An unaltered male ferret

Insulinoma-Like human diabetes

Jill-An unaltered female ferret

Kit-A baby ferret

Lick, Lick, Lick, Chomp-Another way to describe what Gweny does before biting

Lick and sticks- Candy

Mustela purtoius furo- Scientific name for the domestic ferret

Poof-A musky scent released by a ferret that still has it's anal sacs

Rainbow Bridge-A place where departed ferrets wait for their owners so they can go into heaven together

Scruff-The skin at the back of a ferret's neck

Snaking-What a ferret does on towels after a bath

Snorkeling-What a ferret does when it puts it's head under the water

Sprite-An altered female ferret gweny1

Thief-What a ferret is called while taking off with a personal possession

War Dance/Dance of Joy-A ferret jumping around with it's mouth open, arched back, and stiff legs, sometimes making noises. Wants to playdancingferret

Weasel-A loving remark about ferrets by ferret owners

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