Friday, July 17, 2009


     Ferrets love to play and almost anything they can get their little paws on becomes a toy. Some of their favorite playthings are free and already in the house. Games can easily be invented to entertain a ferret. Some of them are:

     Sock tug a war. The ferret grabs the toe of the sock and tries to take off with it. If it is on your foot you can angle your foot upwards making it harder to remove and the tug a war starts. If the sock is already off your foot, it is more of a game of chase and capture. 

     Lance1 Lance’s favorite game is hide the sock. The sock has to be rolled into a ball for him to even be interested in it then he will pick it up and run for his nearest hidey-hole. All the while doing his happy dance.

     Magic carpet ride. Any towel, sheet, or length of fabric will work. Drag it across the floor a couple of times and the ferret will jump on it as it goes by. Some try to climb up the incline to get to the top. Others will do a happy dance while it is moving and some will get underneath and attack it from there.


     I happen to think that the best toy is the empty box. I believe ferrets have just as vivid as a child does when it comes to play.

james_of_jessie1 James thinks that empty boxes are for hiding things in, or taking naps in. Lance likes it when I pull him around the room in one, gweny1 Gweny makes them her castle, and no boys are allowed.

     I am still like the proud parent that gets the newest toy for her kids but I now realize that the toy may not be the best part of the deal. Although I don’t have to worry about my fur kids demanding the latest video game to play. Their toys can be just as expensive depending on what it is.


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