Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Green Slime

     Epizootic Catarrhal Enteritis (ECE) is one of the few gastrointestinal problem a ferret can have over the age of one year. ECE has only been recognized since 1993 and as of yet there are no tests. It is believed to be viral.

     ECE causes diarrhea that has a green slime to it. Some have likened it to the smell and look of fish glue which is made from boiled fish skins. ECE runs its course normally in five to seven days. It can be debilitating to some ferrets who have lost dehydration from vomiting and the slimy diarrhea. Ferrets that don’t have fluid supplementation it can prove to be fatal.

     ECE can be transmitted from an infected ferret to others. ECE also can be transmitted by human contact with an infected ferret via their hands, clothes, and shoes. ECE can be prevented by isolating new ferrets from the older ones for a week or two and by washing your hands after handling unknown ferrets. By changing your clothes and shoes will limit exposure to your own ferret.

     If your ferret shows signs of ECE and is unable to keep any kind of fluids down or has excessive diarrhea you need to take him/her to your vet as dehydration in a ferret can happen quickly and with out I.V. hydration therapy ECE could prove to be fatal to your fur kid.


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