Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hide and Seek Ferret Style

     I try to blog about ferrets at least three times a week. Sometimes I make that goal and others I don’t. This last week it looked like I was going to meet that goal until I sat down to write out my notes.

     My notebook is missing. I know where I had put it and now there is no sign of it. Only ones that could have taken it are my fur kids. I’ve looked in all the usual hide-holes but no luck.

     One has to understand a ferret’s mindset when it comes to taking things. Its all just a game and if it smells, tastes, or looks like mom’s they have to have it at all costs. Gweny will take my shoes off my feet if she can and is rather persistent about it. Although she hides each one in a different place you know exactly where to look to retrieve them.

     Lance its socks. He will try to take them off my feet if he can’t find any more of his rolled socks to move. Again he has his hidey-hole although it isn’t really a hole. He always puts them on the other side Judy’s recliner in plain view. Lance has taken a liking to Trixie’s new dog toy but hasn’t decided if it should go with his stash.

     Now James is the true thief. Anything that the other two don’t steal he does and he has a multitude of hidey-holes. His newest obsession is the zebra print hand bag I got at the dollar store. I would place bets that he is the one that took my note book except that it isn’t in any of his hidey-holes either.

     Luckily I don’t just keep a single writing notebook for this very reason but it gets tedious looking some things back up when the link or information was saved some where else. I know it will someday just show up in the middle of the floor like an unexpected present with all three kids dancing for joy around it cause they hid it so well. Got to love those silly bouncing fur kids.


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