Monday, December 21, 2009

Ferret Out of the Bag

     Yes, I am a transplant and I hate CA for the most part. There are things about CA I love also. One is my son who still lives there and graduated from high school this year. I was there for that event in 102 heat at ten in the morning.

     The town I grew up in is about fifty miles North of Sacramento and twenty miles East of Coloma. Coloma is where James W. Marshal found gold that set off the Gold Rush. I love the history of the area I grew up in.

     I am glad I left when I did. Prices have rocketed even higher than they had when I was there. I would have never found the joy of being owned by ferrets. I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I have found here in Western PA. Or made the friends I have that keep me encouraged in my writing.

     I miss being able to walk into a liquor store and buying what I want off the shelf without having to go to two or three different places. Not that I am a beer drinker as such but having the choice to buy one bottle or six pack was nice.

     I love the real season changes here. The fall colors are vibrant and the wild life is diverse. Judy still laughs at me for asking her about the creature that looked like a beaver with a fuzzy tail. CA doesn’t have groundhogs.


     Thanks for the comments and reactions. It’s nice to know that my blog is read and that sometimes something does spark with my readers.


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