Monday, December 21, 2009

Ferret News

Mystery of ferrets found in Halesowen

     FOUR ferrets found wandering the streets of Halesowen have been rescued by the RSPCA. ... Read More


ATLANTIC CITY - Some of the most popular inhabitants of the Atlantic City Aquarium have neither fins, scales nor gills.

     What they do have is energy, and a serious case of the cutes. ...Read More


Users tout machine's benefits

Many say they are healthier after sessions with vibrational device


The Fort Collins Coloradoan
Originally published August 2, 2007

When Duncan, a 3-year-old ferret, was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in May, Margie Murphy was told to prepare for the worst.

Murphy, who couldn't stand the thought of losing Duncan, whom she refers to as "her baby," spent $2,600 in medical bills for X-rays, ultrasounds and surgery, which didn't help.

On a final attempt, Murphy took Duncan to get "VIBEd."...Read More

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