Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ferret Quirkiness

    Each of my fur kids has his/her own little thing that he/she does. Each quirk is unique to them. It isn’t just one little thing sometimes it is a combination of things that makes living with ferrets memorable.

     Gweny’s thing is making Judy scream, stealing my shoes, and sleeping in the Santa hat she stole from me last year.

     Lance’s is socks and he has a preference to them. He likes clean, rolled socks that he can carry easily. If that isn’t available then a clean sock will do and will go down the list until it arrives at taking them off my feet. He also has decided that my new mittens belong to him.

     Now James is a funny boy when it comes to eating. His food must be in the bowl if you give him something he will take it to the food bowl, dropping it in, and then eat it. Now if there is already food in the bowl he will dig frantically in it throwing most of the pieces out until he comes to the one he thinks is the perfect piece and will eat that. It doesn’t matter that they are all the same shape, size, or color there is something about those pieces beneath the others.


     Once the bowl is empty, he will come to the cage door and stare at me for a long time. It doesn’t matter that the food he threw out is right next to the bowl. He wants you to fill it so he can go digging again. If that doesn’t work he drapes his body across the bowl until his little ferrety mind decides it needs a nap he then curls up in the bowl and falls into a deep sleep until he jumps up running for the litter pan.

     So far, the only bowl he hasn’t been able to do that in was the feed trough I had for a long while until the cats decided they would help themselves to the boy’s food.

     The newest food bowl is made for a small dog and has one of those water bowls where you can put a 2 liter bottle full of water on it and it will keep water in the bowl. Great for days I am going to be gone a long time and Trixie is unable to get at it.

     This is only a part of why I call these small critters my anti depressants. While nothing about them should surprise me after having them around for eight years, they still manage to come up with something new to make me smile.


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