Monday, December 14, 2009

Missing Notebook Case Solved

     For those of you that missed that particular post back in September one my writing notebooks disappeared and wasn’t found in any of the normal ferret hidey-holes. I was upset but knew that it would show up in some strange place.

     Of all the places it could have showed up this wasn’t one of those that I thought it would be. It was in the space between the seat and the back of the chair of Judy's recliner. She found it the hard way by being poked in the rear by the corner of it.

     In the same space were my daily planner that I hadn’t yet missed, two plastic spoons, and a handful of dog food, raisins, a pencil, and a glow stick. This newest hiding spot belongs to James who was upset that we raided it.

 james_of_jessie1     I can only imagine that he decided in his little ferrety mind that he needed to know the date of things and be able to write them down himself if he wanted to after having a snack or two. As for the glow stick, maybe use it for a light source? The plastic spoons are another thing. What would he use them for?

     I am just glad to have my notebook back with the notes I needed for some of my other writings along with the links for research for other posts to this blog.

     The daily planner I would have missed today as I put in the next week’s appointments and schedule my writing time in it. If I don’t I won’t get anything done let alone know when Judy has a doctor’s appointment.

Life with ferrets is never boring to say the least.


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