Friday, December 18, 2009

One Paw to Rule Them All

     Yes a cheesy title but only if you don’t understand the reference. It has to do with Golem and calling the ring Preeeeciouuuussss.

 gweny1     Gweny’s nickname has become Precious said the same way when she is being evil. Like when she hunts out Judy just to hear her scream by biting her. Running the boys out of her cage with bared teeth and an occasional hiss. Now don’t tell her that she can be super cute too. I told her that once and was bitten.

     This little one pound hellion hasn’t let her small size slow her down. She knowingly rules this household and flaunts it with everything she does. When it is playtime, she is out first because her cage sits on top of the boys and the door blocks theirs from opening.

     She sits next to the boys cage waiting for them to come out to play she then herds them onto the middle of the floor before running off to cause mischief. The boys usually do what she wants but, as with all siblings, one has to upset the boss.

     Usually it’s Lance, who decides he doesn’t want to wait to get to the toy box holding his favorite socks. Most of the time, James manages to keep Gweny from noticing that Lance isn’t with the group. On the days where James fails she is quick round up the socks putting them back in the toy box. Before finding Lance and stares at him, I swear she is mind talking to him. After a few minutes, Lance lies on the floor flat as he can get while looking like he is pouting for the scolding he just got. This is enough for Gweny, who then comes looking for my shoes.

     She doesn’t care what kind of shoes they are as long as they are mine. She will drag them by the shoelaces or the Velcro strap to her hidey-hole. The problem comes when she tries to take them into the hidey-hole.


     They don’t fit except for my sandals and slippers. This is when you get to hear her chittering and hissing at them until she gets the toe under the desk. I guess she feels they are hidden. One of these days I’ll have a video camera to film her dragging my steel-toed sneakers to the hidey-hole. Not only are these shoes twice her size they weigh about four pounds each.

     I try to be on my best behavior from the first of December to the 24th. I have done this since I was about six and each year I have gotten a Santa hat to wear as a reminder.

     Last year I had to buy three of them because of Gweny. Granted they were from the dollar store but the fact remains if I am wearing one she has to have it. I haven’t found one yet; it’s probably up in the back of the couch. The other one she dragged into her cage and sleeps in it. It needs to go in the wash but if I even look like I am going to take it out of the cage she is there climbing my pant leg and scolding me.

sleepinggwen whosbuggingme


     Just a glimpse into my little diva’s habits. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by her actions. After all she is named for a queen.


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